PodRacer simulator

A Podracing simulator using 2 Novint Falcons for the controls and an Oculus Rift for the visual feedback. Cell-shading designs are used in this project.

Paused project Proprietary code

Area 214

A 48h challenge during our last year of studie. The goal was to design a mini-game in 2 days as a 16 members team with various working groups.

Completed project Proprietary code

Hervé drone

An intuitive flying quadcopter using a Leap Motion to be controled and offering an aerial point of view with an Oculus Rift rotating camera.

Completed project Proprietary code

HUD Radar script

C# script made under Unity environment to easily locate tagged items in a scene using fully customizable radar icons.

Ongoing project Open source

RouteUser Serious Game

A Serious Game developed with Unity and C# programming language to train workers react against dangerous situations in hostile environments.

Completed project Proprietary code

Airplane simulator

First personnal project designed with Unity using C#. Physic simulated flight and a lot of user interface elements integrated.

Airplane project
Paused project